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Holistic Midwifery & Birth Services

Holistic Midwifery & Birth Services

Basic Capsule Package:

Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) preparation | $175*

  • Personalized placenta preparation in your home

  • Your placenta capsules (in a glass bottle) with instructions for use

  • Complementary Umbilical Cord Keepsake

      An average placenta yields 75-200 capsules (amount varies based on the size of the placenta). Your capsules, which resemble any other herb or vitamin, will store safely in your freezer for years. In addition to immediate postpartum benefits, they may be saved for use at future times when you may experience a decrease in milk supply, PMS, mood swings, or even stored long-term for use during menopause. 

* Note:
- For local St George, Utah clients only; additional travel fees apply for those outside this area. 
- In the case of twins (or other multiple births), we will process the placentas together. The cost for multiple placentas (from the same mother and pregnancy) would only have a small additional fee of $50/additional placenta.

To begin the placenta encapsulation process, please fill out the Placenta Registration Form.


Add On: Chocolate Placenta Truffles

Your choice of flavor(s) and dietary needs | $30*

  • Utilizes some of the prepared placenta from the Basic Capsule Package

  • Dried placenta added to delicious chocolate truffles

      Some mothers have difficulty taking pills or capsules of any kind (-or just remembering to do so!), and some just really like chocolate!  ;) Placenta truffles are made using some of your prepared TCM powdered placenta (as is found in the regular placenta capsules) and then incorporated into delicious, homemade chocolate truffles.

These truffles can easily be made to fit both your diet (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.) and personal tastes. 

* Includes one "batch", or approximately 12 truffles.


Add On: Placenta Tincture

4 ounce bottle for long-term support | $25

  • Utilizes some of the prepared placenta (can be done with raw or powdered) from the Basic Capsule Package

  • Dried placenta prepared into a tincture, good for years of use

  • Comes in a convenient, glass amber bottle with dropper

      The Placenta Tincture is an added bonus that can be used in addition to and long after the capsules are gone. The Tincture takes about 6 weeks to prepare and is made with a process of using a small piece of the placenta in a high-grade alcohol.* With a tincture you can prolong the benefits of your placental hormones even longer! The tincture can be used to ease any symptoms of trauma, transition, emotional distress, or even during menopause. 
      These tinctures are shelf-stable for several years if kept in a cool, dark place (like a cupboard). You can even continue to add 80 or 100 proof high-grade alcohol (vodka) to the bottle as the tincture is used (never allowing it to get below 1/2 or 3/4 full). Usual dosage for placenta tinctures is approximately 7-10 drops of tincture directly under the tongue, or diluted in a glass of juice. 

* Note: At this dilution, the alcohol does not have any intoxicating effects. It is less alcohol than is found in regular cough medicine. However, if you prefer to reduce the alcohol even further, you can also place the drops in a cup of boiling tea, allowing the alcohol to  “burn off" for a few minutes, then cooling before ingesting.


Add On: Healing Placenta Salve

4 ounces of high quality topical salve | $25

  • Utilizes some of the prepared placenta from the Basic Capsule Package

  • Custom made for your personal needs

  • Healing salve may include: Beeswax, organic coconut oil, and your choice of essential oils and/or herbs

      This service uses a super fine portion of your processed placenta powder and infuses it into our high quality, healing cream/salve base. Placenta has long been used in skincare for its healing and restorative properties. (There are a number of expensive anti-aging beauty products containing "sheep placenta extract" as the secret ingredient. Your own placenta is much more potent and still completely safe to use when prepared like this.) Placenta salve is rejuvenating, healing, and can be used topically on closed surgical scars, diaper rashes, insect bites, perineal tears (wait until stitches dissolve), or any other skin ailment.

Add On: Cord Keepsake

Included with your basic Capsule Package | $0
Many mothers like to also save a piece of the umbilical cord, dried and usually in the shape of a heart, spiral, wreath or similar as a sentimental keepsake. This is free of charge with your placenta encapsulation, if desired.  





Serving the St. George & Southern Utah areas.

Serving the St. George & Southern Utah areas.

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