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- Midwifery -

      The start of my love for all things pregnancy and birth began with my own research and experiences during the pregnancies and births of my first two children. My path toward midwifery slowly began in 2012, just a month after the birth of my third child and experiencing my first homebirth. I began attending births, taking classes (with my newborn baby in tow), and working as a midwifery assistant to a couple of the local homebirth midwives. It was then that I also first started New Roots as my doula/placenta business. (Inbetween having more of my own babies, and juggling life and being a mother to five young children.) 

      I just finished as an Apprentice Midwife, working with the amazing midwives at Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center. I also studied midwifery via Mercy in Action’s distance midwifery program, and have finished the requirements of my clinical training toward taking the NARM (North American Registry of Midwives) exam to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).  As I wait for my CPM certificate processes to finish (and state licensing), I will be working with women in the Utah county areas (accompanied by another experienced midwife). I will begin offering midwifery services via New Roots in 2017.   

      As a Student Midwife and apprentice, I have gained professional knowledge and training in all aspects of midwifery care; including basics like taking vital signs, providing prenatal care, assessment of labor progress and labor care, assistance during birth, as well as postpartum care and evaluation for both the mothers and the newborns. I have spent several hundreds of hours observing, assisting, and providing care (antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum and neonatal) for women and babies from varying backgrounds and experiences since 2012. I always hold current certification for both CPR and NRP (neonatal resuscitation).