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- Essential Oils -

      As with pregnancy and birth (and basically everything else in life! Haha!), I  am all about education, options, and being empowered to take charge of my family's health and well-being.  I also love doing  whatever I can to help other women and families be empowered to do the same with theirs as well.  I use amazing "tools" like good foods, herbs, and essential oils in my own home and with my clients. Essential oils are so simple and effective, and so easy to fall in love with!

      We first fell in love with essential oils when, upon a suggestion of a ("hippie") friend, we reluctantly decided to go ahead and try them for my second baby and immediately saw results!  We were shocked! My son, then an infant, already had a number of health issues going on (including chronic double ear infections, and multiple bouts of Croup and Pneumonia), in just his first few months of life. His immune system was really weak, and he couldn't be on antibiotics (he builds up serious allergic reactions to them). 


     I immediately began researching essential oils, companies, and uses for them. It was amazing to see what other areas of our home and lives could be blessed by using them! I had ZERO interest in sales or ever doing it as a business (as is the case for the majority of doTERRA's wholesale members), but I had settled on doTERRA, and knew that  I needed a  cost-effective way to  get them and have them available for my loved ones.  So I signed up as soon as I could. -- I am so grateful I did, and have never looked back! 

    I would love to answer any questions, and help you see if they're a good fit for you too!


- Attend a (free) Class or 'One-On-One' (online or in-person)

- Host a Class (online or in-person) 

- Get Your Own Wholesale Membership 

Join as a Wholesale Customer (Works like a Costco membership. $35 a year + get a free oil with renewal), OR join as a Wellness Advocate (whether you want to do this as business or not!) that works similarly and get even more perks ...including some awesomeness specific to just *my* team! ;)

If you'd like to learn more about what these options entail, feel free to contact me and/or click below!