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Holistic Midwifery & Birth Services

Holistic Midwifery & Birth Services

- About Me -

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       My name is Jes Penrod, and I’m the face behind New Roots. I’m a mother, midwife, and humanitarian at heart. 

      I’m the lucky mom to 5 of my own cute, albeit often craaaazy kids. (The youngest two surprised us with being twins!) I love spending time with family and friends, traveling, being near the ocean, gorging myself on chips and salsa, getting lost in a really good book, and of course, celebrating the kid-free silence of “bedtime” by periodically binge-watching seasons of my favorite shows on DVD. (We're those weird people who don’t have TV, so I just play catch-up here and there.) 

      I've spent the majority of my adult life in the gorgeous Cache Valley area of Northern Utah, but spent the last 2 years living in Salem, Oregon for my midwifery apprenticeship. I fell in love with Oregon and had planned to stick around and make it our home, but unfortunately had some life things come up that required us to be back in Utah and close to family for a while to better be able to help them. 

      In between having my own babies, I slowly worked on my path to midwifery.  In the past I've enjoyed working as a birth assistant for, and training with, a couple of different local (Utah) homebirth midwives, gleaning whatever “birth-y” knowledge I could. I later completed my apprenticeship as a student midwife at Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center in Oregon. I am working on getting all my paperwork in so I can sit for the NARM board exam and get my CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) certificate. I am also currently in nursing school to get my RN so that I can eventually pursue my CNM and FNP degrees so that I can have a greater scope of practice to better serve my clients and their families both in and outside of hospital settings.   

      I’m one of those people that absolutely loves to learn, and is literally a “perpetual student”. (--Thankfully all my interests and passions mesh well together! Haha!) Along with midwifery and nursing studies, I'm also currently a nationally certified Phlebotomist with an additional certificate in IV therapy, certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), birth & postpartum Doula, a certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Foot Zoner, a postpartum Benkung Belly Binder, and a Gold ranked Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA essential oils. I always hold current certifications for CPR/BLS and neonatal resuscitation (both NRP and BRN programs).  ...Eventually,  I plan to add  at least “herbalist” to my list of titles too!

      My long-term dream is to (at least in some small part), help “save the world” and change other peoples’ lives for the better. I hope to someday start my own super awesome non-profit/humanitarian organization, focusing on improving birth, reproductive education, and other related areas in the lives of women and their children.


- My Birth Philosophy -

Photo Credit: Jessica Kirkland Photography

Photo Credit: Jessica Kirkland Photography

     I have a huge passion for all things pregnancy, birth, and baby. This, of course, all began with my own personal journey into motherhood. Before I was always “that girl” who swore she was never going to get married or have kids, etc … and look at me now! (HA!) I was especially turned off to the whole idea of birth. I mistakenly viewed it in the same stereotypical light that all the media portrays it: messy, scary, and excruciatingly painful. I remember my own mom wording it as “the worst pain of your entire life!” …a comment which I now feel is incredibly sad, and know that its NOT the whole picture at all. It does not have to be that way! 

      I have since had 5 natural births, in both hospital and home settings; our third being my first homebirth, followed up by the birth(s) of our frank-breech twins (also a homebirth). All of which have been amazing experiences, and very fond memories. I passionately believe that birth is a completely natural process. Sure its often “intense”, but our bodies (both mother and baby) are literally made for this and CAN do this. They say that the end goal for birth is "healthy mothers and healthy babies." ...I agree, but I also believe it includes more than just the physical aspect alone. I can personally attest to the fact that birth is also very spiritual, emotional, and an incredibly empowering rite of passage into motherhood. Although you only physically experience it once, a birth is something that a woman often relives, mentally and emotionally, over and over. It can literally be life changing. 

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers —strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.
— Barbara Katz Rothman

      I want to be there supporting you, and helping to make yours the best possible experience that it can be! Just as we, as individuals, are all so very different, so is each birth experience. There isn't just one "right" way. Each is unique. Every woman (and family) deserves to have the experience that they want, and the right to take part in the decisions and to choose what is the best for THEM. ...As with anything else though, despite how much you plan, its important to also remember that things can always change. I believe that babies like to "help" write their own birth stories sometimes, and that's OK too! Whether or not you have the exact experience you want and plan for, I want you to feel like you have all the knowledge and loving support that you need to be able to confidently make the right choices for you and your baby. I want to see every woman find her voice for her own birth experience (whatever that may be) and to see that family grow through the entire process. As cheesy as this may all sound, I want to support, guide and encourage you as you prepare to meet these new little members of your families, and after, so that you can bond and rest stress-free. 

       It is such an amazing privilege to be invited to such a special, intimate time in one's life. My hope is that my clients will look back at their birth experiences with happiness, love, and with a feeling of empowerment. Thank you for the opportunity to support you and share these special moments with your family! I’m so excited to be there for you during this journey!



Serving the St. George & Southern Utah areas.

Serving the St. George & Southern Utah areas.

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